Label Mill Labelers

Label Applicators and Print & Apply Label Machines

Accurately apply labels at speeds up to 550 pieces per minute with our high speed label applicator machines. The Label Mill 1510 servo drive labeler is incredibly accurate. Look closely at the stack and how tight the placement is. This solution is ideal for applying onserts or IRC’s

We offer a complete line of automatic label applicator machines and Print & Apply systems for item, case and pallet level labeling. The Label Mill line is a modular system with a common user interface, common controls platform, and common components across all our systems. This design approach simply means more uptime for your lines, less expense in spare parts and easier training cycles for your employees.

The Label Mill 4005 Label Applicator

This is a cost effective entry level labeling system with an excellent price/performance ratio it can apply up to 200 labels per minute. It is available in both left and right hand versions. It can be configured as a wipe-on, tamp-on, blow-on, corner wrap, or flag. This is a very flexible platform.

Ideal for applying cartons labels, coupon labels, promotional labels and so on.  Easily mounts to carton erectors, case packers, over existing conveyors and highly mobile.

The Label Mill 3605 Printer Applicator

This is our entry level printer applicator.  The 3605 can be configured with virtually any brand and model OEM print engine. This system is available in Tamp-on, Blow-on, Corner wrap, adjacent panel and flag applications.  Again, you can get both left and right hand configurations.

Very excellent for corner wrap labeling, address applications, and case labeling.  A good platform for custom table top print and apply applications such as automotive applications, work cells, welding cells, and so on.

The Label Mill 1510 High Speed Label Applicator

Essentially this is the same as the 4005 in design and function with a couple of very significant differences. First, this is a direct drive servo motor. This translates into very high speeds (350-500 labels per minute), very tight accuracy, and very high end feedback. This system comes standard with label missing detection, label compensate features, auto-teach set-up, password protection, 24 I/O for integration, optional Windows PC interface and more.

We use this platform when the application is very unforgiving, integration is a must, or the customer needs performance at a level that most companies do not offer.