Batch Feeders

D-12 Demand FeederD-12Pic2

Angel adjustment on the acceleration table allows you to customize the  D12 for any application. Great for feeding into Plow folders, Inkjet equipment, Tabbers, Bindery equipment, Collators, and many other options.

Complete paper guides for straight delivery

Repositionable belts put the friction where you want

Buckle separation for smoother separation without the jams

Multiple, independently adjustable separators for greater versatility

Quick and easy belt changes reduce downtime

Acceleration table creates gaps between documents for accurate

photo eye detection and delivers documents smoother and faster

Media Handling:

Width: 3″ minimum up to 12″ maximum (20″ on D-20)

Length: 2″ minimum up to 17″ maximum

Thickness: Single sheet up to 3/8″ thick

Speeds: Up to 40,000 postcards per hour

D-9 Demand Feeder


Need a feeder for your smaller applications?  The D-9 is a cost effective 9″ feeder for your start/stop applications. Idea small machine for demand applications.

Width: 2.5″ minimum up to 9″ maximum

Length: 2″ minimum up to 11″ maximum

Thickness: Single sheet up to 1/4″ thick